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Directed by Tony Jopia, Nika Braun, Clara Loedel, Yannis Zafeiriou, Alexander Zwart
Written by Stuart W. Bedford, Andy Davie, Stu Jopia, Tony Jopia, Yorgos Kasfikis, Andrew McGhee
Starring Ruth Galliers, Sara Dee, Leo Gregory, Paul Lavers, Andrew McHale, Linny Bushey, Rafael I. Molina, Kristofer Dayne, Sarah Callyn, Mark Asante, Fabien Muller, Tim Heath, Honey Holmes, Ian Saynor, Tracey Rimell, Mandy Lalley, Kimberly Jaraj, Sean Cronin, Aaron Sharp

About five or six years ago, I was bored to tears with the zombie outbreak, but it’s been a minute and while it’s not the best outbreak movie, DAWNING OF THE DEAD is a pretty entertaining one.

A television station is the setting for a showdown between humans and a growing zombie horde after a worldwide conspiracy to unleash a terminal virus unfolds and normal humans are turned into flesh eating zombies. While the reporterspolice, producers, and anchors bicker and squabble inside about inner-office politics, the zombies are making their way to them one floor at a time.

While the acting leaves a lot to be desired in DAWNING OF THE DEAD, the direction and little bells and whistles added on with some cool graphics make for some compelling and downright exciting scenes of people v. zombie action. Not only do we have a scientist running away from government agents as the zombie plague spreads, and the reporters in the station running through the hallways away from the hordes, but the film has a cool graphic representing the living in green and zombies in red as it gives a schematic of the floors and news reports zooming in on a globe shows the outbreak happening all over the world. This use of multi-media actually makes the stakes a bit higher and heightens the urgency of everything going on. Add in some decent shock scares and some potent slo mo shots at just the right times and this is a damn fine visual treat.

There’s even a compelling story of two brothers making their way back to the studio in order to get to one of the reporters and there’s a lot to like about DAWNING OF THE DEAD. All of this makes the usual outbreak story more digestible and makes the fake blood (always a no-no) and fake gunfire (another no-no) something I can sort of ignore. You’re not going to see much you haven’t seen before in DAWNING OF THE DEAD, but the visual flair of this film makes it stand out. Zombie fans, this one is worth checking out.

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