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Directed by Sharad Kant Patel
Written by Sebastian Mathews (story), Sharad Kant Patel
Starring Paul Galvan, Jessa Settle, Monique Cortez, Fred Parker Jr., Matt Tramel, Kristen Tucker, Cathy Baron, Joshua Tomasik, Al Fallick, Brandon Hearnsberger, Mike Kiely, Trevor Doyle Nelson,
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While the late in the game twist is going to be pretty obvious to horror fans, the way the serious topic of campus date rape is used in SOMEBODY’S DARLING as a pretty powerful metaphor works well.

Though she goes with her girlfriends to a fraternity party, Sarah (Jessa Settle) won’t put up with the “love ‘em and leave ‘em” antics of Christian (Paul Galvan) and his fraternity brothers. But this only intrigues Christian and as his interest grows to romantic interest, his brothers think they are losing one of their own to a girl. But as with many relationships, things get complicated and Sarah begins to have an interest in someone else while Christian becomes more and more obsessed with her. All the while, something far more sinister is boiling just under the surface.

I’m not trying to be the guy who yells “I got the twist early!” expecting some kind of prize. Simply because this is a horror film and the first portion of this film is focused mainly on the development of the relationship between Sarah and Christian, I was waiting for the other shoe to drop and when it did, I was able to pick up on the clues enough to predict what the big reveal was. That said, there might be a few who stumble across this movie without knowing it’s horror, but even then, it’s pretty obvious well before the reveal what’s happening.

Nevertheless, this is a well-acted, nicely plotted, and rather resonant take on campus sexual violence set to a horror movie template. The scenes that are to be scary are very much so, especially when two of the brothers find an inebriated girl wandering onto their property only to high five and drag her upstairs. There are many wicked scenes like this in SOMEBODY’S DARLING and while the budget is low here, writer/director Sharad Kant Patel sets up quite a few scenes filled with tension and develops the characters nicely for us to care about them.

SOMEBODY’S DARLING is a solid horror film that might surprise some in its final moments. I have to say, the ending–despite the reveal–packed quite a wallop in its brutality and take no prisoners attitude. With great performances by its fresh young cast and some mature handling of its serious themes, SOMEBODY’S DARLING is one to watch for.