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Directed by George Clarke
Written by George Clarke
Starring Alan Crawford, Rachael Galloway, Griffin Madill, Matthew McCreary, Robert Render, Liam Rowan, Rachael Stewart, Jean-Paul Van der Velde
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While most slasher films seem to focus on the innocent prey who are in peril, BLOOD HARVEST shifts the attention to the killers themselves as well as the police investigating the brutal series of murders going on. While the budget it low, this shift in perspective and the sheer savageness of the slashers themselves makes BLOOD HARVEST a cut above the rest.

A pair of cops—one a profiler who is getting a little too close to the case and the other one definitely on the Danny Glover/too old for this temperament are attempting to track down a the culprits in a series of heinous murders going on around the Irish countryside. Meanwhile, a grunting savage man and his equally savage young boy stalk one victim after the next, sewing their mouths shut and cutting their Achille’s tendons before draining them of blood. As the body count rises, the detectives get closer to tracking them down.

BLOOD HARVEST is an unconventional and admirably ambitious slasher that ends up dipping its pinky toe into the realm of sci fi as well. While at first, the film feels like a conventional low budget slasher, I love the way this one twists and turns into directions I wasn’t expecting. Sure there are your typical kids being stalked and slaughtered and there might be a twinge too much antics that would be considered “torture porn” with the ritualistic dismantling of the victims, but the film culminates with some really unconventional twists that I can’t help but be in awe of.

There is a lot of amateur acting going on, though the cast is doing its best. But the film successfully captures a dark atmosphere and offers up quite a few thrilling sequences and shots. BLOOD HARVEST is not your daddy’s slasher film, but that’s ok. I’ll take a low budget film like this that bucks expectation than a conventional stalk n’ slash any old day. If you take a chance with BLOOD HARVEST, I think you’ll be as surprised as I was.

At no cost, the film has a blooper reel amidst the credits. This usually is a last ditch effort for laughs and causes me to roll my eyes harder than anything, but this time it actually endeared me to BLOOD HARVEST as it showed a little more of a human side to the film with jovial takes and fun interactions between characters who were bitter enemies on camera. Fun stuff at the end of an impressive low fi effort.