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Directed by Scott Wheeler
Written by Nathan Dalton, Chris De Christopher, Rafael Diaz-Wagner
Starring Justin Ray, Kassandra Voyagis, Michael Swan, Kayla Compton, Burt Rutherford, Lauren Compton, Aaron Groben, Alison England, Sean Smith, Chris De Christopher, Fredrick Burns, C. Thomas Howell, Vince Royale, Ben Heyman, Michael Rene Walton, Grant O’Connell, Jack O’Connor, Phillip Fallon, Christine Nguyen, Michael Gaglio, Jed Rowen
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ATTACK OF THE KILLER DONUTS is about killer food and has a catchy theme song—making it kind of a fun throwback to ATTACK OF THE KILLER TOMATOES. Having seen that film a kid, the twangs of nostalgia set in while watching this goofy film and allowed me to enjoy it despite its low budget and rough edges.

When a scientist’s experiment goes wrong, the serum gets mixed into a batch of donuts at a local donut shop and it’s up to the employees and of course, a couple of cops, to battle the killer pastries who are attacking and eating anyone their way as they glaze the streets with blood and gore.

Justin Ray and Kayla Compton play best friends destined to be lovers who work together at a donut shop and offer up the heart of this film. The two do a good job of telling a tired story of two people who should be together, if not for bonehead moves and plot devices. The story doesn’t get into the specifics of how donuts become sentient and angry enough to attack back. It relies simply on the attack itself and does so in a rather impressive mix of CG donuts (which look pretty good) and practical ones being tossed at the actors from off screen. These make for some goofy and enjoyable moments of food fight fun.

This isn’t for the hardcore horror enthusiast. Nor it is for those looking for scares or mood. There is some fun gore (though it incorporates CG blood, which is always a tough sell) and the scenes where toothy donuts sink their teeth into their would be devourers is cartoonishly entertaining. I didn’t flip over this one, but there are worst things out there. ATTACK OF THE KILLER DONUTS is a light, but surprisingly sweet snack of a film and while the jingle isn’t as catchy as ATTACK OF THE KILLER TOMATOES, this film maintains the irreverent feel that made KILLER TOMATOES a classic.