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Directed by Harry Tchinski
Written by Harry Tchinski
Starring Kristen Springer, Lacey Blair, Stephen Lestat, Emma Lee Nguyen, Ronda Olshefski, Yulia Hancheroff, Jenny Lin, & Jay Wesley Cochran as Captain Terror!
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This slasher on a spaceship horror film is actually quite effective in a low fi kind of way. I won’t say it’s great cinema, but SPACESHIP TERROR does deliver on some old school schlock and awe and has a pretty sadistic killer in its Captain Terror (played by Jay Wesley Cochran).

A crew of female astronauts crash land their spaceship on an abandoned planet and soon find themselves “rescued” by an odd vessel branded “Terror” on the outside. In need of supplies and a way off the isolated planet, the astronauts find themselves trapped in a nightmarish vessel with labyrinthine hallways, monitors in each room, and a madman stalking them for his own sick and twisted pleasures. The few surviving crew decide to fight back, but will it be enough to take out the heinous Captain Terror!

SPACESHIP TERROR is a gratuitously gory and wantonly sadistic little slasher film that spends a little too much time focusing on binding, peeping, and torturing the female astronauts than I am completely comfortable with. A little bit less of the intensity might make this one a little more digestible for the occasional horror viewer. But this is one perverse and twisted little film with all kinds of grossness happening pretty much from Jump Street as the film opens with Captain Terror dissecting a woman on his operating table. Pretty much every scene afterwards has the man monster stalking, torturing, maiming, crippling, and killing in the most bloody way possible. The red stuff is really splashed around here, so gorehounds will like it. THe film really does an impressive job with CG and practical gore alike.

Borrowing heavily from ALIEN in the latter half, SPACESHIP TERROR never really tries to be more than what it is—a gory, schlocky, mess following scantily clad women around a spaceship trying to survive a madman unleashed. It does it well, but this one is only for hardcore horror fans who don’t mind a high amount of torture with their terror.