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Directed by Tim Reis
Written by Tim Reis
Starring Mary Malloy, Vikas Adam, Troy Halverson, Brian Troxell, Tomi Lavinder, David Alexander, Mickie Banyas, Michael Gladden, Chelsea Howard, Grayson Thorne Kilpatrick, Kaleigh Malloy, Kevin Galbraith, Thom Badinger, & Josh Adam Gould as the Frogmonster!
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A gory romp is what you have in store for you if you take a chance with this froggy spin on the werewolf genre.

BAD BLOOD: THE MOVIE (not to be mistaken for BAD BLOOD: THE COOKBOOK) begins with the escape of a serial killer and a young former addict named Victoria (Mary Malloy) running away from her parents home after returning from rehab. But while she intended to go out with her friends and party all her woes away, she didn’t set out to run into the escaped convict and be mauled by him/it. A month later, Victoria is found and brought back home by a private investigator who is often overcome with violent fantasies (played comically on point by Troy Halverson). While the investigator believes this case is over, as the full moon shines above, Victoria begins transforming into something inhuman.

BAD BLOOD: THE MOVIE’s biggest strength is in its humor. This is an infectiously fun film. From the man in suit feel of the monster to the slapstick style of its attacks to the occasional uber-violent fantasies the private investigator has any time he interacts with people, this is a film that has a well-honed funny bone and caused me to laugh loudly numerous times with it’s over the top antics and grossout humor. I mean, this is a film about a werefrog. If it took itself too seriously, it just wouldn’t work.

But this film does. Yes, it is a grossout horror film. There’s all kinds of slime, gore, gristle, and violent acts splashing around in all of it. Chunks are torn from people, holes are punched through people, and there’s even a scene where someone shoves a giant syringe up someone else’s nose. BAD BLOOD: THE MOVIE isn’t high on emotion or metaphor. It’s an old school creature feature with modern grossout effects. You know, the kind of horror that is simply a whole lot of fun.