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Directed by Jamie Rhodes
Written by Jamie Rhodes
Starring Dena Toler, Anthony Dalton, Erreol Robinson, King Orr
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A powerful demonic force is awakened and threatens to destroy humanity, but first, listen to this dope cut from an R&B group! That’s basically what you get with NIGHT OF THE UNSPEAKABLE, a film that is less concerned about scaring you and more concerned about highlighting some truly amateur rap and hip hop artists doing their thang in a recording studio.

An extremely long title crawl tells us that angels and demons are really beings known as Celestials who are taking part in an eternal war for the souls of humanity. After the angels win the ancient battle, a sisterhood of mystics are assigned to look after the demons in a conch prison. A street poet laying tracks in a recording studio happens to be one of the sisterhood, but when the wrong person gets a hold of her conch, the demon is unleashed within the studio. Three other bands record singles in the same studio and find themselves trapped with a demon who is intent on devouring their souls one by one.

I guess I should congratulate the makers of this film for being able to package their music under the false pretense of being a horror movie. If there were some decent acting or maybe a suspenseful scene or two or even if some of the music was resonant, I might be able to forgive it. But I’m being kind by saying that this is a meandering, pointless, and pretty hollow excuse for a horror film. All involved seem adept in their craft as singers and musicians, but as a horror film, this is just a waste of time full of flat acting, abysmal scripting, uninspired direction, boring discourse, and shoddy effects. What’s worse is that this film doesn’t so much as end as it just kind of peters out and then stamps a “To be continued” message when the tape runs out of the camera. Oooooo, this is a stinker. Mom always told me that if you have nothing good to say, you shouldn’t say anything at all. So therefore, NIGHT OF THE UNSPEAKABLE is best left unspoken about.

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