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Directed by Matt Stuertz
Written by Matt Stuertz
Starring Nathan Eswine, Larissa White, Jenna McDonald, Brock Russell, Cameisha Cotton, Adam Hartley, Dal Nicole and Frank Ray
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TONIGHT SHE COMES is a true toxic shocker like you’ve never seen before. It dives face first with its mouth wide open into some of the most depraved, disgusting, and utterly disconcerting places and never lets you come up for air right up til the end.

A pair of drunk party girls run into a wannabe mailman and his perverted friend at a cabin in the woods. But as the day goes on and none of them can find the owner of the cabin, shit starts going sideways. A naked corpse of a woman emerges from a nearby lake and attacks the drunken kids and while fleeing, they run into a family of hillbilly mystics who use their backwoods magic to fight the undead menace that won’t stop advancing towards them. Only one powerful spell will take care of this monster, but it’s elaborate and gross and something you won’t be able to unsee.

Holy shit this is one hell of a movie! I haven’t seen a movie with this much confidence and balls-out swagger in a long time. Expertly mixing comedy and grossout horror, TONIGHT SHE COMES is going to have gorehounds screaming and sensitive types (and even not so sensitive types) running for the nearest place to vomit. I can’t say anything about menstruation and a woman’s time of the month that won’t infuriate people. I will say that this film plays with my own gag reflex involving “Shark Week” (this is the women of the film’s description of their monthly visitor, not mine) and goes far beyond it. Seriously, if you are sensitive to bodily fluids being put into places no bodily fluids should steer clear of this film. But if you think you have the iron constitution, you’re in store for one hell of a barforamic rollercoaster ride! In many spots, this film is a throwback to gorefests like EVIL DEAD II and DEAD ALIVE, while others spots just leap into a whole ‘nother level of gross and wrong.

The thing is, though, TONIGHT SHE COMES is hilarious even before the gore stars spattering. Hitting the ground running, this film exudes a raunchy, but effective sense of humor. It plays with tropes from slasher films yet does so with a lot of imagination and a wicked funny bone. Parts of it is an homage (there’s even a riff off one of Jason Voorhees’ most famous kills). Then in the latter half it ascends into its own gory groove by keeping the laughs and nods coming, but this time its covered with blood. I’m telling you, you won’t know whether you want to die laughing or barfing with this one.

Across the board, the actors in this film nail their landing in terms of comedic timing. Then again, when shit gets real, they all work as well. Sure they are playing idiot kids and inbred hillbilly wizards, but still, they do so with confidence and style. TONIGHT SHE COMES is one of the most unique new films I’ve seen in a long time. It’s gross. It’s raunchy. But it’s also hilarious and a rock solid horror film. I love this Jackson Pollock masterpiece of a splatter movie and if you can keep your lunch down, I think you’ll get a kick out of TONIGHT SHE COMES too!