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Directed by Glenn Berggoetz
Written by Glenn Berggoetz
Starring Kristi McKay, Matt ‘Goose’ Goosherst, Kedryn Carpenter, Daniel G. Cramer, Cassandra Crawford, Anita Nicole Brown, Brian Johnson Jr., Jayson L. Hicks, Cody Strack, Jonathan Hodges
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Ripping on a film like MIDGET ZOMBIE TAKEOVER isn’t really fair. From the name itself, you know you’re in for something with little taste and little budget. I usually set my expectations low when going into a low budgeter, hoping for some kind of surprise in the acting, story, or any other aspect of filmmaking. But what this film does have going for it is that it doesn’t take itself too seriously.

A group of kids decide to have a hot tub cookout party and even though they are warned by their creepy neighbor that horrible things are coming, they couldn’t prepare themselves for the terror of when midget zombies attack!

This…is a bad movie. Shocker, I know. The acting is abysmal. The film takes place all in one house and a backyard. The script is grueling. I don’t even think some of those zombies are midgets. They might be just kids in zombie paint.

But MIDGET ZOMBIE TAKEOVER knows how bad it is, so there’s a watchability to this film. I can’t say I was bored. The practical zombie effects are actually pretty nice as it seems a lot of putty and dark paint was used to make these little zombies look creepy enough. And while most of the humor is of the broadest sort, I chuckled maybe three times at how stupid everything is. One fun scene has a one of the kids being eaten by zombies and another guy rushing for him, only to stop short of him and grab his burger from the grill before retreating back inside, leaving his friend to be eaten.

So while this is a stinker of a film, at least MIDGET ZOMBIE TAKEOVER knows how bad it is. Put this in the “I watched it so you don’t have to” category unless you absolutely have to see every zombie film.