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Directed by Frank Merle
Written by James Cullen Bressack (characters), Frank Merle
Starring Danielle Taddei, Meghan Deanna Smith, Tony Todd, Derek Mears, Aaron Abrams, Trae Ireland, Sarah Allyn Bauer, Curtis Kingsley, Kurt Scholler, Mike Capes, Neil W. Garguilo, Raymond Vinsik Williams, Emily Dahm, Justin Michael Terry, Travis Richardson, Charles Chudabala, Kurt Maloney, Matt Holbrook, Chrissy Cannone, Christopher Mathieu, Alex Napiwocki, Jenny Brezinski, Devin Reeve, Ryan Marsico, Emlee Vassilos, Christian Ackerman, Jordan Mitchell, Flannery Maney, Jason Murphy, Keith Korneluk, Erin Killean
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#FROMJENNIFER is the third film in the (blank)JENNIFER series after the surprisingly creepy #2JENNIFER sequel of the James Cullen Bressack film that started it all #TOJENNIFER. This has been a rather interesting series, all recorded on iPhones or GoPros, meaning that they are done on the cheap, but the thing that makes the series stand out is that each film has been a pretty striking depiction of obsession, madness, and batshit craziness.

In the first film, the protagonist sets out to find his girlfriend Jennifer who he believes has been cheating on him. In the second, the protagonist is obsessed with the first JENNIFER film and sets out to make an unauthorized sequel. This third installment once again is a story about the world the protagonist lives in versus the real world around him or her. As with the first two, the titular Jennifer (Danielle Taddei) finds out that her ex filmed them having sex and posted it on the internet which pretty much ruined Jennifer’s dream of becoming an actress. So after being fired by her manager (Tony Todd), Jennifer sets out to make the ultimate revenge for revenge porn video and hires well intentioned, but dim-witted Butch (Derek Mears) to be her muscle in order to enact her elaborate plan. The problem is that the impulsive Butch has a tendency to wig out and kill people. After a few false starts where Butch accidentally kills some folks, Jennifer lures in three men known for posting revenge sex videos online, binds them, and…well, the last part of Jennifer’s plan is pretty fucked up and let’s just leave it at that.

While the first two JENNIFER films were descent into obsessive madness films, #FROMJENNIFER is more of a comedy of errors. The plan from the start is flawed and the heartbroken Jennifer is definitely not firing on all cylinders from the get go. But while the first two films has the protagonists descend into a type of madness that is ugly, terrifying, and frighteningly realistic, this one seems more interested in lightening the tone and being more of a black comedy. While there were darkly comedic elements to the first two, the pitch black tone and the depths the madness reaches are just not as deep here. This switch in tone doesn’t mean it’s not a good film. The acting is actually pretty awesome compared to the first two films—specifically Derek Mears who is surprisingly great as the Lenny from OF MICE & MEN-esque Butch and the two leads Taddei (who plays Jennifer) and her fellow actress/friend/competition Stephanie (Meghan Deanna Smith) are both likable and representative of the dog eat dog world of cutthroat acting in Hollywood. Still, fans of the series will notice a shift in tone from realistic madness to cartoonish violence and while the talent in front of the camera has improved as this series goes on, the teeth this series has gets a little less sharper as the sequels go on.

#FROMJENNIFER is interesting in that it tries something new for the series by lightening the tone and relying more on comedy than gore and madness, but those latter factors are what made the series stand out and without them the film loses a little of its gnarly and insane luster.