Directed by Michael Robayo
Written by Michael Robayo
Starring Seth Lefberg & Charlie Gorrilla
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RATION is a short film that doesn’t feel like one. It’s a fully realized concept that fits nicely into the 20 minute package Michael Robayo maps out about a pair of men trapped in an apartment after what looks to be a nuclear bomb has dropped. The budgets are low here, but not really noticeable mainly due to the strength of the two actors and the skill Robayo has behind the camera. Robayo concentrates on little details, constantly using his camera as a microscope noticing the most subtle movements, nuances, and details of the slowly emaciating actors and their slowly decaying environment around them.

Robayo is patient with what little info he allots the audience as far as who these guys are and why we should care that they are slowly dying in a littered apartment. The narrative marks off each day as the survivors are getting hungrier and more desperate. Though you know that it looks like these men will reach their breaking point where all bets are off and the rules of humanity don’t apply anymore, the question is how long will they hold out, will someone rescue them, and which will crack first.

Though somewhat predictable in the end, RATION kept me enthralled for the duration with Robayo’s deft camera work. This is a nicely constructed and gorgeously filmed little movie, deserving of a wider audience. Check out RATION’s Facebook Page for more info on where you can check this harrowing little flick out.