Directed by Carlos Ramos Jr.
Written by Mark Onspagh & Carlos Ramos Jr.
Starring Dean Cain, Stephen Colletti, Lil J, Nick Hogan (son of the Hulk!), Masiela Lusha, Sylvia Panacione

Though not the most logical story, KILL KATIE MALONE does have a plot that I can safely say I’ve never seen before in a movie. A couple of attractive college kids stumble on a ghost up for bid on Ebay and decide to make a bid. Sure enough, they win the prize, but they soon find that winning the prize isn’t really a good thing. With a cast made up mostly of television personalities, this attractive youngsters in trouble thriller has some effective thrills despite the goofy premise.

Writer Mark Onspagh (who wrote FLIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD) turns in a script that acknowledges the goofiness of the premise and director Carlos Ramos Jr. runs with it well, filling KILL KATIE MALONE with more than a few effective scares (most involving the title character popping out of odd places). The effects are decent and the look of the ghost herself is actually quite chilling.

KILL KATIE MALONE isn’t a barn-burner, but better than expected. Though the cast delivers performances one would expect from shows like LOIS & CLARK, THAT’S SO RAVEN, and MEET THE HOGANS, there are enough thrills and chills lumped into the mix to look past its deficiencies. KILL KATIE MALONE is worth a gander. Don’t expect much going in and you might be surprised.