Directed by James Kicklighter
Written by Maureen Cooke and Mark Ezra Stokes (based on a short story by Will McIntosh)
Starring Erryn Arkin, Edith Ivey, Abigail de los Reyes
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Director James Kicklighter contacted me a while back about this film and was nice enough to let me check it out, and I’m so glad I did. Though this film could easily be lumped in with other zombie films, it’s an entirely new and refreshing take on the zombie genre. Though it might take some work to seek this one out, it’s definitely worth the effort.

The concept of FOLLOWED comes from a short story by Will McIntosh. Unlike most cinematic zombies, the zombies in FOLLOWED don’t have the annoying tendency to eat brains. They actually are pretty pleasant. They just kind of appear from nowhere, following the humans slowly, and that’s about it. The thought of a race or species of human that do nothing but wander around and occasionally follow humans slowly is both a new and haunting one. One particular man finds himself followed by a little zombie girl and does everything he can to avoid her, but she relentlessly continues to show up everywhere he goes. Though the concept of zombies is always a gruesome one, FOLLOWED turns out to be a sweet and downright heartwarming story.

Directed with a delicate and gentle hand, FOLLOWED is probably the most unexpected horror surprise I’ve seen in quite a while. The final moments, set to a song called “Glory” by Essie Jane, will warm even the coldest and deadest of hearts. I don’t know if FOLLOWED is ever going to be a feature film, but it certainly has enough going for it to warrant one. As is, FOLLOWED is worth getting behind.