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Written by Roger Ma
Published by Berkley Books

It’s coming. It’s not if it’s going to happen…it’s when. So my advice for you, faithful readers, is to be ready.

There are tons of books out there right now in regards to zombie fiction: cookbooks, military accounts, self help guides, zombies doing this, zombies doing that, how to books, revisionist zombie literature, zombie romance books. Though I’m mainly a comic book and movie guy, occasionally I like to read a book too. Take THE ZOMBIE COMBAT MANUAL, for instance. Roger Ma has written and produced not only an entertaining read but an essential one.

Ever wonder what’s the best weapon against a zombie at close range?
It’s in here.

What is the best diet and exercise for someone trying to survive the zombie apocalypse?
It’s in here.

How do you fight a zombie bare handed and get out without a bite?
It’s in here.

What do you do when you are in the middle of a zombie mob?
It’s in here.

Roger Ma gives detailed instructions and illustrations in a clear and concise manner with accounts both entertaining and informative utilizing the techniques explained in each chapter. Though this is a fun topic to read about, I honestly found the self defense and preparedness instructions to be riveting not only for entertainment value, but also as helpful tidbits to help one ready your home and life for dangerous circumstances involving the living, the dead, and the undead (even though the book clearly states that the methods and training from this book is not meant to instruct the reader in ways to combat the living).

I love the little nods Ma gives to zombie lore (he acknowledges Romero by stating that zombies do not run) and the differences between taking on the living and the dead (the training and diet are completely different if you are to prepare for undead combat than one would think). Ma has researched the hell out of this book and yes, it’s goofy, but it’s also a damn fun read. I like reading it on the plane and on the bus just to freak out those around me…and of course, to prepare for the inevitable.