Directed by Justin Timpane
Written by Justin Timpane
Starring Jay Saunders, Daniel Ross, Cory Okouchi, Devon Marie Burt, Karla Okouchi, Kurt Skarstedt, Melissa McConnell, Paul Sieber, Daniel Mascarello, & Liz Christmas
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Better writing, better acting, better directing, better effects, and better jokes—NINJAS VS VAMPIRES is one of those rare examples of a sequel that exceeds the original. Though this film was shot on the budgetary low, don’t let that scare you away from checking it out. I was charmed by last year’s NINJAS VS ZOMBIES, but not blown away. This time around, there are a lot of clichés tossed about; there are also a lot of jokes that hit their marks. As far as the acting, effects, action, and direction goes, it’s hit and miss, but far above the much more amateurish NINJAS VS ZOMBIES. So it looks like the filmmakers are learning along the way.

The story centers around two longtime friends, Alex and Aaron. Just as Aaron, who wants to get out of the friend zone pal Alex sees him as, is professing his love for her, wouldn’t you know it? Vampires and ninjas show up. In order to save Alex, Aaron must learn the ways of the ninja. But before Aaron can get the girl and save the day, the ninjas must face all sorts of vampire terror. The story is pretty comic booky, but it works. Filled with all kinds of interesting and funny characters, NINJAS VS VAMPIRES is a low budget horror gem.

You can tell the folks behind this film are huge genre fans. References to comic books, sci fi, wizardry, and of course, vampire horror abound. But NINJAS VS VAMPIRES falls somewhere between a fan film and an actual one. The scope is more epic and though occasionally there are moments where the budget is apparent and the range of the actors are tested, I still had a good time watching these ninjas take on vampires.