Directed by Ryan Lightbourne
Written by Ryan Lightbourne
Starring Zach Canfield, John Russo, Ben Evans, John Archer Lundgren, & Grayson Lauffenburger

There are few films I’ve been looking forward to seeing more than ROID RAGE. Ever since I saw the extremely crude trailer below, I knew it was going to be something that appealed to my sleazier side. I’ll come right out and say that ROID RAGE is not going to be for everyone. Slickly produced horror fans need not apply here. But if you like films with that grindhouse feel with humor of the pottiest of flavors, ROID RAGE is right up your alley.

The version of ROID RAGE that I saw is a short film, but it looks as if writer/director Ryan Lightbourne is looking to expand the concept and maybe even 3-Dimensionalize the film soon if the trailer during the credits are real. As it is, ROID RAGE is a fun and fast, deliciously disgusting venture into the realm of bad taste

Zach Canfield plays Sammy, who has a major problem; hemorrhoid problems, but this isn’t something a finger full of Anusol can help. Sammy’s hemorrhoid has a mind and bloodlust on its own. When dead hookers start piling up with their faces ripped off, it garners the attention of a pair of hard-nosed detectives. What plays out is gory and funny as hell.

ROID RAGE is as tasteless as old Troma. It isn’t afraid to go into a world of wrong and roll around in it like a pig in slop. If you love your horror dirty and tasteless, ROID RAGE is for you. I loved every second and hope Lightbourne is able to make his full length 3-D version very soon. I can’t help it…I have to say it…ROID RAGE is a film I can definitely get behind!