Directed by Alex de la Iglesia
Written by Jorge Guerricaechevarria & Alex de la Iglesia
Starring Javier Gutierrez, Leonor Watling, & Sancho Garcia

There’s a particular scene in INSIDIOUS that is extremely effective. It takes place as Rose Byrne is playing the piano during the day with her baby is upstairs in her crib. A baby monitor rests atop the piano and when she stops playing the piano, she hears something peculiar–a strange voice on the baby monitor. This scene strikes at that primal fear of being a parent, being in one’s own home, and having one’s child be in danger. Now I don’t have children myself, but I’ll bet folks who do will find this one of the more haunting scenes in INSIDIOUS. And if they found that scene to be too frightening for them, they need to steer clear of the fantastically scary Spanish film, LA HABITACION DEL NINO aka THE BABY’S ROOM.

Now, I’m not going to say that INSIDIOUS did an outright lift from THE BABY’S ROOM (there’s more to INSIDIOUS and this is but one scene in the film), but THE BABY’S ROOM bases its entire story on the premise that a young family who recently moved into a home keep hearing voices on their baby monitor. When the father (played convincingly by Javier Gutierrez) buys a camera to place in the room, he is astonished to catch a shadowy figure sitting next to his child’s crib.

I’m getting the shivers just writing this.

THE BABY’S ROOM is such a well paced, slow chill of a film. It sucks you in with a premise that is palpably frightening, and is performed brilliantly by the Spanish cast. As the danger heightens, the father desperately tries to save his family from an otherworldly evil. Director Alex de la Iglesia doesn’t go for the cheap scares and fills this haunted house flick with images that are both original and chilling to the bone. Though one particular scene in INSIDIOUS owes a lot to the scares found in this film, THE BABY’S ROOM stretches those fears out for the entire film. I guarantee this film will scare the shit out of you. THE BABY’S ROOM was released a few years ago with five other Spanish horror films in a box set called 6 FILMS TO KEEP YOU AWAKE. Having seen two films from that set (THE BABY’S ROOM and THE XMAS TALE), I’m looking to seek that set out for more intense chills from the land of Spain.