Directed by Julian Grant
Written by Julian Grant
Starring Brian Shaw, Kathleen Lawlor, Angela Zagone, Alden Moore, & Graham Jenkins
Available through Chemical Burn Entertainment

I have to come right out at say that this is not a film for everyone. But if you like zombie films and especially like new and ballsy takes on the genre, this is a film you’ll want to put this zeek on your radar.

THE DEFILED is a wordless epic journey of one zombie who may not be like any zombie you’ve ever seen before on screen. Well, maybe he’s a bit like Bub from DAY OF THE DEAD or the gas station attendant from LAND OF THE DEAD, but instead of looking at the broad scope of the zombie apocalypse, director/writer Julian Grant follows this one soulful zombie as he wanders the earth in search of food, a place to call his own, and love.

As I said above, once it’s realized that this is not your typical zombie film, some folks are going to loathe THE DEFILED. Zombie fans are tough to please and straying from the tome either Romero (if you’re a walker) or even Boyle (if you’re a runner) have put into place is risky. Here Grant plays with the notion that some of one’s soul survives once the dead rise. The main zombie (played by Brian Shaw who looks a lot like the first zombie Barbara encounters in the graveyard in NOTLD) is a family man. He’s got a mate and two adoptive kids. He enforces rules. Though he doesn’t need to drink, he’s known to drink alcohol when he finds it. He has doggy-style sex with his zombie wife. He hunts for food for his family when they need it and mourns when he suffers loss. Brian Shaw does a fantastic job of bringing emotion to the blood stained face and by the end of this film, you actually care about this zombie and want him to shamble on forever.

When events separate our main zombie from his family, he presses on down the trail with a baby zombie in tow and crosses paths with a live woman in need of a protector. This mismatched family battles monsters of both the undead and living kind. Grant isn’t afraid to get gory and uncomfortable when he has to. Filmed in Gary, Indiana and Southern Chicago, THE DEFILED is filmed in black and white, taking full advantage of the dilapidated buildings and overgrown landscape one might see traveling along the Dan Ryan Expressway onto the Indiana Toll Road.

If you lack patience or the open-mindedness that zombies can come in all shapes, sizes, and temperaments, you’re you might want to look elsewhere. But THE DEFILED is an artsy and ballsy little zeek that definitely offers something the genre hasn’t seen before.