Directed & written by Tim Skousen
Starring Justin Long, Joey Kern, Jeremy Sumpter, Hubbel Palmer, John Gries, Jon Heder, & Carl Weathers
Warning: No Sasquatches appear in this film.

Not really a Sasquatch film per se. It’s a comedy about a Sasquatch hoax and though it’s not a horror film, it’s probably the most entertaining Bigfoot film I looked at this week. Sure, the main kid actors are not the best, but SASQUATCH GANG had me rolling every time the mulleted Justin (JEEPERS CREEPERS) Long and the shirtless Joey (CABIN FEVER) Kern appeared on camera. Long and Kern are the best parts of this film as a pair of lovable losers who think planting Sasquatch turds and footprints in the woods of their hick town will somehow bring them millions of dollars and bucket loads of fame. Jon Heder appears briefly as a Laser Tag arena attendant. John (MONSTER SQUAD…you know, the possessor of Wolfman’s nards) Gries is the bumbling sheriff. And Carl Weathers makes an appearance as a Bigfoot hunter. When a pair of cosplay dweebs and a nebbish girl who wires her mouth shut to lose weight find the tracks before Long & Kern alert the media, the kids become famous overnight. But plot is secondary here. This film surprised me huge amount of humorous one offs and gags throughout, despite the low budget. While most of the laughs in Bigfoot films are usually unintentional, it was refreshing to see one that’s intent was to induce chortles. See this one for Long and Kern. They’re hilarious.

Out of 10 foots, SASQUATCH GANG = 7 FOOTS!