Directed by Karl Kozak, Written by Karl Kozak & Don J. Reardon
Starring Jack Conley, Miles O’Keefe, Dylan Purcell, Brandon Henschell, Chelsea Hobbs & Ken Scott as The Bigfoot

A spikey haired jock, a floppy haired nerd, and two chicks venture out into the woods to investigate endangered species for a school project in a nearby woods and run into an ancient creature of myth. Pretty much sums up CLAWED: LEGEND OF SASQUATCH, another lackluster Bigfoot installment in the long line of hum drum Bigfoot films. It’s not that this is a necessarily bad film…ok, it is a bad film.

Apart from some pretty gory scenes of Bigfoot tearing out the throats of some hunters, this is some low grade fare that makes some SyFy flicks great by comparison. Director Karl Kozak tries to be creative with some black and white Bigfoot vision which isn’t very scary or exciting. The acting is ok, but nothing to scream about. Once again, the film is set to JAWS with the tourist season endangered with the attacks and there’s a mayor who does everything he can to keep the deaths under wraps. Long-time character actor Jack (LA CONFIDENTIAL, FAST & FURIOUS, PAYBACK) Conley does his best here, but can’t save the film. There are plenty of stereotypical hick hunters wanting to take matters in their own hands and of course, the noble Native American who sheds a single tear when no one listens to him about this “gentle” giant. This film gets a foot or two for the Sasquatch costume, which looks a bit buff and superhero-ish, but is nicely done. The one thing I did like about this one is that they categorize the Sasquatch as a noble savage rather than a rampaging monster.