Directed by Mark Steensland
Written by Paul Kane (based on his short story)
Starring Stephen Geoffreys, Melissa Bostaph

Starting off this week’s batch of new horror is THE WEEPING WOMAN, from Mark Steensland who takes a simple concept; a man driving along a deserted road encounters a ghostly woman, and amps it up in both areas of creep and camp. The budget it low, but Steensland turns up the chill factor with some strong performances and some effective dialog.

The best thing about THE WEEPING WOMAN, besides the powerful ending, was seeing Evil Ed himself, Stephen Geoffreys who was elevated to cult icon status when he played Charlie Brewster’s giggling best friend in FRIGHT NIGHT. Geoffreys is back in this, a more subdued role, as the man driving down the road. Sure, it’s pure nostalgia pumping up this performance, but it was great to see this actor again in a horror role, even in this all-too-short short film.

THE WEEPING WOMAN relies a lot on the “woman by the road” urban myth and counts on the viewer to know the tale. Because of this, the ending comes off as a powerful punchline. Having seen two of Steensland’s short films, I’m looking forward to seeing more horrors from this up and coming director.