Directed by Bill Robertson
Written by Bill Robertson
Starring Johnathan Ash, Avery S. Davis, Brett Behrens, Reed Booth, Molly ratchet
Available through Chemical Burn Entertainment

I know the crowd that made this film. Not personally, but folks like them. They are folks who love horror. Some of them are in bands. Some work in bars. Some live the night life—the goth lifestyle, and fully embrace an addiction to full on horror. Though this love of the genre doesn’t guarantee that they would make a perfect horror film, the passion is present in every low tech, low budget scene in THE BISBEE CANNIBAL CLUB.

The premise of THE BISBEE CANNIBAL CLUB is a winner. The folks of Bisbee County love the simple life, unfortunately, that simple life means cannibalism. For the most part, the targets of this club are hipster vegetarians. Soon this raises the ire of the devoured’s surviving family and friends who form a Bisbee Cannibal Hunting Club. What type of movie would this be if these two titanic teams didn’t inevitably clash? Expect blood, vomit, and carnage to ensue in heaping doses.

The actor’s performances are beyond amateurish. The directing is basic. The effects are below zero budget. And the pace is mind-numbingly slow. The saving grace of BISBEE CANNIBAL CLUB is that there are a few clever bits of writing here and there. The fun premise and targeted ire toward the vegetarian/artsy fartsy set is reminiscent of Roger Corman’s classic, BUCKET OF BLOOD. I can’t recommend this one to anyone but those who can appreciate the lowest of low budget horror, but THE BISBEE CANNIBAL CLUB doesn’t pull its punches. It reminded me of John Waters’ early films which occasionally showed sparks of greatness through all of the amateur filmmaking and freakish fetishes. If Waters could move on to bigger and better things, so could the folks behind THE BISBEE CANNIBAL CLUB, I guess.