Directed by Sonny Fernandez
Written by Sonny Fernandez
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Starring Sonny Fernandez, Chelsea Hagel, Justin Kavlie, Kelsey Parton, & Dan Sorenson

When we last visited a Sonny Fernandez film, I was utterly impressed by the true indie spirit every frame of his latest film, THE LAST BATTLEGROUND possessed. After viewing one film of this infectious creator, I had to check out another. THE ABORTED was next on my list, mainly because the filmmaker said that it was the film most folks respond to either with hate mail or praise. Intrigued, I checked it out. And you know what; I can see where some folks may have strong views about THE ABORTED. Abortion is always a hot topic for debate. But personal views on the subject aside, THE ABORTED is another indie gem worthy of support.

Sonny Fernandez’s films are not often well acted. They’re not often well shot. The effects are beyond zero budget. But despite it all (and I said this in my last review of one of his films), it’s the fact that Fernandez films these things on his own, writes them, edits them, makes the effects, and often stars in them, that impresses me the most. Reminiscent of that childlike enthusiasm all of us film geeks had trying to make our own films as kids, Fernandez cares not for his lack of funds, writes a bang-up script and just does it.

THE ABORTED begins with an amateur abortion performed by a goth chick in a bathtub. The scene doesn’t pull any punches and shows quite a few disturbing images of operation and extraction of an unborn fetus. The opening montage of stills of aborted fetuses is both an effective glimpse of things to come and stomach turning at the same time. Despite its attention to gore, the subject of abortion is taken surprisingly seriously here. And though this is a gruesomely bloody story about zombie aborted ghost babies attacking their parents in splooshy ways, the issue of abortion is handled carefully, maturely, and pretty fairly. I can understand why folks may cringe at the film, but despite the crude method of filmmaking, it is a strong examination of the subject matter. THE ABORTED is also one fun film by an amateur filmmaker who seems to have million dollar ideas and dreams and won’t let his lack of funds stop him from making them a reality.

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