Directed by Morgan D. Mead
Written by Morgan D. Mead & Morgan C. Mead
Starring Morgan C. Mead, Patrick Babbitt, Kyle S. More, & David Fultz

For those of you who are interested in a heavy dose of comedy in your horror, you might want to take a look at MY BLOODY WEDDING. More of a splatter comedy than a straight up spoof, MY BLOODY WEDDING is one of those films that chews on your funny bone and most of the time, the comedy works.
Doug is a wholesome kid who is in love with his gal, Callista. Callista wants to seal the deal, but Doug wants to wait until their wedding night. When Callista puts on a glowing necklace left to her by her mother, things start getting not so wholesome. Seems the necklace turns its wearer into a bloodsucker and in this film, there’s plenty of the red stuff to go around.
The most appealing thing about MY BLOODY WEDDING is the overall kookiness of it. For no apparent reason, Doug has a robot sidekick. This is never explained and I love it that it never is. It’s just accepted that wherever Doug is, he’s got a robot sitting beside him. Doug bursts out into a dance number mid-way through the story. Again, for no apparent reason. Callista’s neighbor? He’s a masked wrestler. Explanation? Nope. It’s goofy shit like this that makes every frame of MY BLOODY WEDDING fun.

MY BLOODY WEDDING isn’t really heavy on scares. That’s not the point of this one. This one is played for laughs and I’d say about 75-80% of the time its effective. I’d say the humor is along the same irreverent lines as MTV’s old THE STATE series or an episode of THE WHITEST KIDS YOU KNOW on IFC. If you’ve laughed at those shows, you’re more than likely to be giggling through MY BLOODY WEDDING. The final blood stained melee between the bride, her toothy bridesmaids,and the bloodsucking wedding party is completely over the top. Despite a few riffs that fall flat, MY BLOODY WEDDING is a gory little romp that isn’t held back by a smaller budget.