A Film by Bennie Woodell Jiang Hu Productions.

This movie had me at the title. There’s something unbelievably interesting about the words FAST ZOMBIES WITH GUNS put together in that particular order. And pretty much, that’s what you get with this release from director Bennie Woodell; zombies…running really fast…with guns…

Now I don’t want to oversell this one. It’s a very low budget movie, but there’s a lot of fun to be had with this flick. It tries to be a lot bigger than it really is. It aims for the stars and sometimes misses when the actors are asked to perform way beyond their ability. But occasionally there are moments of true inspiration as Woodell tries to cram just about every zombie attacking human with guns scenario into this hour and a half flick. The film only lags when it slows down to bother with a plot (something about the murder of a mob informant and a couple on the run), which sounds like a complaint, but really it only means that the scenes of zombie carnage were so much fun that I was wishing there were more of them.

Woodell doesn’t shy away from using the wet stuff. Arteries are chewed open, causing a geyser of gore. Bullets splatter through adult and child zombie alike. Tossing in the element of firearms to the mix adds something new and refreshing as the bullet hits erupt in fountains of blood. Sure there are hints of 28 DAYS LATER throughout this one, as well as nods to NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD and just about any other zombie apocalypse movie you can think of. Woodell even gets his Tarantino on with the hitman couple on the run motif. But the true selling point of this one is in its title. Like peanut butter and jelly or dead hookers and car trunks, FAST ZOMBIES WITH GUNS is a winning combination.