I had the privilege of working with Black Mask Studios publisher Matt Pizzolo through the years and actually accompanied Matt when he journeyed into the masses accumulated in Zuccotti Park for the Occupy Wall Street Movement, which coincidentally occurred at the same time during the New York Comic Con in September of 2011.  While I can’t say I agreed with everything the Occupy Movement stood for, there was definitely excitement in the air at the time and I liked the idea of challenging the flawed politics of the day.  Matt was inspired to create OCCUPY COMICS, a collection of short stories and essays that focused on the turbulent and fluid political climate of the moment.  Seeing an opportunity to have my work in the same tome as Alan Moore, David Mack, Mike  Allred, David Lloyd, Charlie Adlard, Art Spiegelman, and scores of other talented folks in comics, I jumped at the chance to throw my contribution into the mix.  Below is what I came up with; OCCUPY, an allegory I wrote and drew on scratchboard about the current flawed two-party political system.  You can find out about OCCUPY COMICS here (http://blackmaskstudios.com/).