Greetings, readers! M.L. Miller here! It’s October and you know what that means around these parts I call MLMILLERWRITES. That’s right! It’s time for the annual Horror Countdown!

Every day I count down to the number one horror movie of the year. How do I come up with these picks? Well, I watch a ton of horror throughout the year, tap out my thoughts, and post them on this site all year long. I compile a long list of horror films and shuffle and reshuffle them around until I get a comprehensive list of the best of the best in horror. This covers the range of blockbuster and indie, big and low budget, foreign and domestic films (sorry, I don’t do TV…yet). The only stipulation is that the film is released to the public some time between October 1st of 2018 and September 30th of 2019. If the film is released between those two dates, it’s in contention for the top 31 films!

I’ve got a lot of horror to unleash, so be sure to check in every day for my countdown. And don’t forget to tweet, follow, and share on social media too! I’ll also be providing a secondary Worth Noting pick which focuses on either a film that deserves to be mentioned this year or those that barely fell off the list.

It all starts tomorrow! So be ready. I look forward to discussing how right and wrong I am with my picks, so chime in down in the comments section.