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LASSO (2018)

Directed by Evan Cecil
Written by Roberto Marinas
Starring Sean Patrick Flanery, Lindsey Morgan, Andrew Jacobs, Benedita Pereira, Karen Grassle, Steven Anthony Jones, Molly Goode, Monique Bricca, Don Demico, Tony Vella, Zoe Swenson Graham, Joe Sobalo Jr., Thomas Cokenias, Travis Andre Ross, Halliny Ferreira, Todd Myers, Skyler Cooper, Sándor Helderman, Heather Mignon, Amber Myers, Chrysta Bell, Michael Gomes, Tim Lajcik, Morgan Benoit, Melissa Tracy, Adam Gomez, Luke Kearney, Frank Trigg
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A high bodycount and a few decent kills are not the only ingredients that should go into a horror movie. A story and characters help, but you won’t find a lot of that in LASSO, a bare bones budgeted, rodeo slasher lacking in a point or purpose.

A group of active old folks show up to a rodeo ren fair of sorts to take in the sights and sounds. Accompanying them is the plucky group leader (Lindsey Morgan) and an inexperienced doofus (Andrew Jacobs). What the group doesn’t know is that this fair is full of killers looking to do away with all of the visitors utilizing various cowpoke and rodeo tools like hot branding irons, whips, mallets, and of course, lassos.

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