M.L. Miller formerly known as Ambush Bug here. Kristian Horn runs the excellent Part-Time Fanboy Podcast focusing on all things geek with a cadre of this pals—part of the time, of course. I try to participate when I can. Here’s what Kristian has to say about his latest podcast; In 1961 Stan Lee and Jack Kirby created a comic book called The Fantastic Four. Detailing the adventures of four friends endowed with super powers, The Fantastic Four was an immediate hit and would change the comic book landscape forever. Self dubbed as “The World’s Greatest Comic Magazine” The Fantastic Four became the first family of the Marvel Universe and was the harbinger for a fictional world unlike anything anyone had seen on newsstands before.
Several years ago, Marvel ceased publication of The Fantastic Four. The rumor among fans was that Marvel’s flagship title was being mothed because of the fact that Marvel did not have the film rights to the FF and wasn’t interested in publishing a book that would only serve to help another company’s film franchise and bottom line. Now, with Disney set to purchase 20th Century Fox Studios it looks like the road has been cleared for Marvel to publish The Fantastic Four again as The House of Ideas has announced that the series will be returning in the fall with a new comic.
To celebrate the return of comicdom’s most famous foursome, Part-Time Fanboy decided to sit down and do a read through of the first one hundred or so issues of The Fantastic Four. The first hundred issues consist of the original Kirby and Lee run and this week we begin with issues 1-10 and will continue every month or so in segments of ten issues. So join Kristian, J. Holtham, and Corey Blake as they discuss the original ten issues of the magazine that started a comic revolution!

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