M.L. Miller formerly known as Ambush Bug here. Kristian Horn runs the excellent Part-Time Fanboy Podcast focusing on all things geek with a cadre of this pals—part of the time, of course. I try to participate when I can. This time around Kristian talks about BABY BADASS—a project where he coordinated with his friend and writer David Schrader. The comic is out this week from Action Lab Danger Zone. I’ve read the book and it as a balls to the wall action and gore fest of the highest caliber. You can pick up a copy of BABY BADASS at your local comic shop and online here! Kristian and David sit down with Paul to have a discussion about the about genesis of their comic creation and the travails of attempting to make your own comic book. Why did it take almost twelve years for Baby Badass to fully mature? Who or what exactly is Baby Badass? What made the idea of Baby Badass such a compelling one that David and Kristian could just not quit it over the years? Find out the answers to these questions and more on this very special episode of Part-Time Fanboy!

Click here to listen to Part-Time Fanboy Episode 224: The Saga of BABY BADASS!!

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