M.L. Miller formerly known as Ambush Bug here. Kristian Horn runs the excellent Part-Time Fanboy Podcast focusing on all things geek with a cadre of this pals—part of the time, of course. I try to participate when I can. This time around Kristian interviews comic book creator Joseph Yu who has Kickstarted a project called THE SPLIT EARTH SAGA, a sci-fi fantasy he co-created with Zephyr Z. and Monica Ding. The project is described as an original post-apocalyptic world where female warriors battle mysterious, monstrous creatures using weapons powered by the blood of male sidekicks!

Kristian chats with Mr. Yu about Kickstarting a project from across the world, being the first team from China to be able to fund a Kickstarter project, and how he and his co-creators managed to pull together a project in their spare time that looks just as if not more impressive than anything put out by a professional publisher!

Click here to listen to Part-Time Fanboy Episode 220: Joseph Yu and THE SPLIT EARTH SAGA!!

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