Writer: Denton J. Tipton
Art: Menton3
Publisher: IDW Publishing
Reviewer: Kletus Cassidy

In my opinion, President John F. Kennedy’s assassination is one of the most interesting events to research in US history because the deeper you look the weirder things get. I’ll admit to being a little obsessed with the JFK conspiracy and while I don’t claim to have the answers, I feel as though there’s enough evidence to question the official story. I’m not like Mel Gibson in Conspiracy Theory but I may have peeked out of my window a few times late one night, paranoid that the men in black were watching me. An X-FILES/ JFK mashup seems only natural (did they ever have a JFK episode?) and with the new release of classified documents regarding the case and my personal interest in the mystery, I felt like this was the perfect book to review this week.

So last week the classified documents regarding to the JFK assassination were unclassified but if you’ve read them, they only seemed make someone like me even more curious than before. Then this Comic comes out and throws out a whole ‘nother theory out there and now ‘ol Kletus is turnin’ the lights down low, putting the foil cap back on and relighting the fires of a two decade old obsession. The story starts pretty simple with Mulder and Scully doing what they usually do in between cases…flirt and give each other a hard time. Even though this was a short scene, it was well written and did a great job of reconnecting the reader with their complicated relationship. This cute exchange is cut short by a phone call from a man claiming to have information on Mulder’s father and his possible connection to the JFK assassination, that’s as far as I’ll go because I don’t want to spoil all the surprises but I’ll say that I wasn’t expect this theory (but maybe I should have). This comic flowed really well and was a fun read. the writer, Tipton, did a good job weaving between fact and fiction to tell the back story of this mysterious government assassin. The art in this book is amazing, Mulder and Scully look spot on and photorealistic. The art kind of reminds me of David Mack’s art in Kabuki, where some of the pages are sparse and spread out with loose panel frames but some images are tighter more structured. The artist did a great job setting mood and tone which help make this comic feel like an episode of the tv show. I liked this book and definitely plan on finishing the series.

Since I’m now fully re-obsessed with this case, I have to finish reading this series, if nothing else to satiate a hunger I thought was long gone. That hunger resides nestled in the titular phrase “The Truth is out there,” and I Kletus J. Cassidy WILL find the truth. While it’s sometimes hard to replicate a movie or tv show in comic form, I’d say the Tipton and Menton3 did a great job dropping the reader right back where we needed to be, snuggled between 54 year old mystery and two sexy, curious and capable FBI agents. For good measure, the writer even included the findings from the original 1979 HSCA report put out by the FBI about the assassination. If the title alone doesn’t grab you, maybe you can stick to your Warren Commission comics while me and my fellow enlightened peeps enjoy the real truth and not some government sanctioned lie about the world, I mean did you even know that Tupac AND JFK are alive and well in the Bermuda Triangle sipping Mai Tai’s dressing up like Bigfoot and Nessie for Halloween this year, did you? DID YOU?? Shit…where was I? This Comic was cool and I recommend it…just keep it yourself y’know…THEY might be watching.

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