Writer: Shawn Gabborin
Artist: Daniel J. Logan
Publisher: Action Lab Comics
Reviewer: KletusCassidy

PUPPET MASTER was one of those movies I’d see at Rental places, yes I’m that old….I would see it and even though the box looked really cool and intriguing as all hell….I’d skip it and I’ll tell you why! I was scared okay! I never rented it because I was honestly afraid, being a kid who had GI Joes and He-Man and other doll like toys, the last thing I needed to worry about was them waking up in the middle of the night and ripping me apart so…I skipped it (plus I had a closet…happening when I was young.) Fact is, it’s not really that scary of a movie and it’s kind of comical at times. This isn’t to say the movie isn’t awesome because it’s great and a must see for horror buffs but nowhere near as Frightening as the Video box suggests. Anywho, Action Lab has put out a new PUPPET MASTER Comic, thus my review.

From the first scene, this books moves pretty fast which is great because you get what you came for within the first couple pages and from there those little wooden bastards start doing what they do best. Seeing the different ‘personalities’ of the puppets kinda brought a smile to my face as I had a few “oh that’s what that one does” moments that I had forgot about since my last viewing. The art is in this book is great, I imagine it’s hard to to get perspective right with multiple puppets at multiple depths but this artist handled it well and the gore was done tasteful and disgusting, so dead on…see what I did there? Because this was last chapter of a trilogy, I found myself lost on some of the larger plot points. I was able to follow the basic story but there were references that I wasn’t sure were from the movies or in the series. I think I’ve only seen up to PUPPET MASTER 4, so maybe the later ones tie into this story? Being a big fan of horror movies of all ilks, I can only watch part 17 of “Blood Creatures From Beyond Uranus” and still enjoy myself, so not being fully caught up doesn’t really bother me.

I enjoyed this book despite being behind in the story and the art was good and really detailed, it kind of reminded me of Jose Juan Ryp from Warren Ellis’s BLACK SUMMER. If you own movie quality replicas of these dolls, you’re a frickin sick man and you probably already have this issue on preorder and plan to read it to said dolls in hopes that one day they’ll respond, so my recommendation won’t do anything for ya. Speaking of which, my closet ‘happening’ was that I had a talking doll that i loved and one day I turned off and put it in the closet as usual but this time in the middle of the night, with my closet wide open, it said…”good bye!” out of nowhere and to this day I make sure my closet is closed before I go to bed…HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

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