Writer: Scott Snyder
Artist: Greg Capullo
Publisher: DC Comics
Reviewer: Masked Man

DC’s latest epic crossover event (although DOOMSDAY CLOCK is starting any day now, as DC attempts to copy Marvel and have two major events running at the same time), rolls on with the Dark Multiverse Batman League attacking our Earth. First off, I beg Scott Snyder to read CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS. Because then he would know those golden towers were created by the Monitor, NOT the Anti-Monitor, as his story keeps erroneously claiming. For a story that is supposed to be all about DC lore, it brings into question every bit of lore Snyder is referring to.

Anyway, the Dark Multiverse Batman League, made up from different Bruce Wayne’s from different Dark Universes, each one created from one of Batman’s fears. Speaking as a #1 Batman fan- I guess that’s cool? Apparently, only the special metals, like Nth, are the only thing that can effect these Dark Multiverse creatures. As everyone (everyone) is completely helpless against them. Their under defined powers mean they can turn people into monsters, turn others into building material and create dream states for superheroes, so they can kill them over and over again. And as they tricked Batman into opening up the portal to our Multiverse, they now have tricked Superman into become a battery of their human body machine to suck our Earth into the Dark Multiverse.

All in all, this is a messy story. Dare I say it was pot induced, with Snyder and Capullo giggling and commenting to each other, “Oh, oh, oh, you know what would be really cool! What if Plastic Man was a special metal egg!” The imagination is so off the rails here (like say the movie SUCKER PUNCH), if it ends with all the paper in the world coming alive and having sex with clouds to defeat Barbatos, that would make perfect sense. So enjoy at your own peril.