Writer: Jeff Parker
Artist: Ariel Olivetti
Publisher: DC Comics
Reviewer: Masked Man

Space Ghost’s latest story at DC comes to a close. As Jeff Parker continues to flesh out this Hanna Barbera superhero universe. I must say, on some level it seems like Jeff Parker is the only writer these days working for DC and/or Marvel who actually cares about writing superheroes stories. Everyone else just seems to be writing stories with metahumanss.

So Parker has established that the Space Force was destroyed, along with their home world, by the matter-eating amoeba, Omnikron. Our hero, Space Ghost (ala the Lone Ranger) is the only surviving member. With two teenage trainees, Jan and Jace (plus monkey Blip), he hopes to rebuild the Space Force. To do that, he also needs powerbands (the trademark weapon of the Space Force). So he heads off to get the super rare and deadly Element Zero to build more. Unfortunately, the last mining crew was abandon there (when Omnikron attacked), and they have turned into ion monsters, led by Metallus. Metallus is bent on destroying the Space Force and their home world. So you can imagine his surprise, when he learns Omnikron beat him to it. He then turns his vengeance on all living beings in general. Which leads to the climatic showdown with Space Ghost.

So this is just classic superhero stuff, with enough clever pathos to keep it fresh and modern (so to speak). It’s pretty cool how Parker has managed to take one of Space Ghost most ruthless villains, and turned him into a tragic figure. Olivetti’s artwork is just awesome as well. This is just a great book for anyone who likes superheroes. Next up, Space Ghost tracks down three of the galaxy’s most wanted criminals: Vapor-Man, Gravity-Girl and Meteor-Man (I smell an old Marvel Hawkeye/Black Widow/Quick Silver/Scarlet Witch twist story coming)!