Writer / Artist: Matt Wagner
Publisher: Image Comics
Reviewer: Masked Man

Matt Wagner’s classic character from the 1980’s is back for the third chapter in his trilogy. Since the last adventure, our hero, Kevin Matchstick, aka Pendragon, has been living a quiet life with his wife Magda, and their two kids. Discovered by chance, he is now in Umbra-Mother’s sites!

This, of course, puts his family in peril. Mainly, his kids since Magda is a mage. Not knowing who is after him, Matchstick leaves his family behind, to make a big large target of himself. Thankfully, Magda agrees with his plan, unlike the typical movie plots, in which family guilts the hero for ‘abandoning’ the family!

This is all pretty bad@$$. I’m lov’n Wagner’s artwork, as always, and the story is entertaining too. Can’t wait to see the sparks fly when Matchstick and Mother-Umbra’s the way overconfident Gracklethorns mix it up. Just a great adventure tale of a hero being pulled back into the fight. With the extra vulnerability of having small children to worry about and protect (not superpowered bratty ones like in SUPERSONS).