Writer: Grant Morrison
Artist: Edison ‘Manu’ George
Publisher: Graphic India
Reviewer: Masked Man

It has been a while, six months actually, but Grant and Edison finally managed to get another issue of AVATAREX out! If you don’t know, Avatarex is the final avatar of the Hindu god Vishnu (his most famous avatar was Krishna). Due to a mistake, this techno/hyper super natural being has come to Earth too soon, and needs to bond with a normal human’s spirit / chakra to be complete.

Now while we all know Grant Morrison, who is Edison George you ask? Well as far as I can tell this is his first American work. Being Indian, the bulk of his work has been done for the Indian market. The guy is pretty awesome too, although his storytelling ability needs works. Thankfully, this issue is a big improvement over his last issue. It’s not as good as his drawing ability, but it’s no longer a detriment to his pages. The best part is easily his drawings of Avatarex himself. George makes his detailed costume look great.

Getting into the spoilers, the forces of evil have been on the hunt for Avatarex, since he is in a weakened state. And a god weapon from a former age takes possession of a young woman, and sets her after our hero. As they clash, Avatarex figures he is outclassed by her. But with advise from his super computer, Shamballa, he manages to defeat her, but can’t quite save her life. So he pulls a pre-crisis Superman trick (what else would you expect from Grant Morrison). This it nearly kills his mostly useless human partner Varun though. In the end, team Avatarex is starting to come together.

Overall, this has been a pretty cool series. The writing is fun and inventive, as you would expect from Morrison. If not a little disjointed at time, something else you can expect from Morrison. And as I mentioned earlier, the art is pretty d@mn good. Avatarex and Varun are slowing getting their roles defined and becoming an interesting pair. The third member of team Avatarex, is an unnamed old man, who is fitting in nicely as the wise / crusty old man every hero’s journey needs. I suspect the old man, based on what he has said, is Parashurama. Which would be very interesting (and very Morrison like), as Parashurama is said to be another avatar of Vishnu. Kind of like old Thor meeting young Thor, but in reverse.

Morrison fans and any superhero fan should be giving this a try. It’s kinda slow in starting, but you can just tell Morrison is going to go just total ape $h!t with this when the second act starts. So get you tickets now.