Writer: Jason Aaron
Artists: Esad Ribic, Steve McNiven and a ton more
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Reviewer: Masked Man

Now that the SECRET EMPIRE is over, Marvel fans are still not feeling the love. So Marvel is taking a page from DC, with a pricey one shot to get everyone excited about their universe again (I’m referring to DC REBIRTH of course). The one difference being DC was somewhat admitting they screwed up, Marvel not so much. Although they made it pretty clear that the days of Captain (Falcon) America, (Jane Foster) Thor, and Iron (Heart) Man were numbered. But while DC REBIRTH actually rewrote the DCU, in an effort to win back lost fans, MARVEL LEGACY is barely more than a $6 preview comic.

Yes, it’s pretty amusing that in the same week, Marvel handed out a free preview magazine and sold a preview comic for $6. How foolish are we for buying the comic? Because there is no story in this thing. It’s just a collection of vignettes. To Aaron’s credit, all the vignettes are fine. And to all the artist’s credit, they looked good as well. But the main focus was to unveil plot points, teasing stories to come. Nothing too spectacular mind you.

So what are these plot points? Well the Human Torch and the Thing are forming a partnership (yawn). Wolverine is alive again (but with old man Logan walking around, did we really miss him?!). Valeria Richards wants to return to Earth (so we assume her parents, Mr. Fantastic and the Invisible Woman are coming as well). Tony Stark’s body is missing (yawn). The infinity stones are loose again (yawn). Loki is up to something (well, duh), Ghost Rider killed Star Brand (that was weird), the Avengers have a new founding member (shades of Triumph from the JLA, remember him?), and last and kinda least, Ghost Rider, Star Brand, Black Panther, Iron Fist, Dr. Strange, Phoenix and (of course) a Mjolnir wielder all have their roots dating back to caveman time (ah, why?!?). The last bit reminds me of DC’s current METAL storyline: With caveman clans of the bird and the bat (etc) leading to Hawkman and Batman (etc) today. What the appeal of having a superhero’s legacy dating back to caveman time is beyond me.

Lastly, at the end of the book Marvel Editor-in-Chief, Axel Alonso, has his say, by asking, “Ever wonder what would happen if…”

Captain America had to earn back the trust of an entire nation? (ah, nope)
Asgard and Thor finally faced Judgment Day? (you mean like in Ragnarok?)
The Hulk revisited Sakaar? (no really)
The Punisher got his hands on the War Machine armor? (I’ll just assume a lot of dead people)
The Kingpin became the Mayor of New York? (ala Lex Luthor President?)
Deadpool became Cable? (why would I)
Klaw conquered Wakanda? (d-list villain Klaw? No)
Luke Cage went back to prison? (nope)
The Inhumans met their true creator? (I smell retcon, so no)
The Infinity Stones were reformed and scattered throughout the universe? (not even sure what that means so no)
The Thing and the Human Torch decided one plus one … equals four? (ah…. no….)

So no Axel, I never really wonder about any of that happening, sorry. Also, is it just me, or are more than half of those just rehashing 20 years old (or more) stories? Especially when you add in that the X-men are again doing a ‘Mojo World” again and Phoenix (adult) Jean Grey is back (again). Marvel even had to print that on their free Preview, “THE RETURN OF (ADULT) JEAN GREY”. That’s how messed up the Marvel Universe is now. Too many frick’n characters with the same name, rehashing old storylines, and Deadpool becoming Cable is the only original concept they can think of! It’s no wonder there are rumors of Disney shutting down Marvel. This is just pathetic.

I feel like the little kid shouting at Superman’s back in SUPERMAN THREE, “Marvel, you’re just in a slum, you’ll be great again!” But as always, what do I know, I don’t have a seat at the big boys table.