M.L. Miller here! WELCOME to MLMILLERWRITES! It’s unfortunate that I left Ain’t It Cool News right before the 8th Birthday of AICN HORROR. As most who followed me over here to my site know, one of the most popular and my most favorite part of writing these reviews is compiling the year’s best in horror. It’s a list I add to and take away from all year long, so I wasn’t about to let an exodus from AICN stop me from posting my best of list. Even as I write this, I’m beginning my list for next year. While most put their best of lists together at the end of the year, I feel the month of October is more appropriate to celebrate the best horror films, so throughout this month, I will be posting the best in horror in films released from October 1, 2016 to October 1, 2017.

This list is compiled of films that are available to see in theaters, On Demand, on DVD/BluRay, or digital download. When possible, I have added links to places where you can find these films. One thing I have noticed this year is that there have been an abundance of these films I actually saw in the theater, which is a good thing. Horror seems to be in the upswing and while it always means we will get a turd or two like RINGS, it also means bigger studios are more willing to take chances on putting horror films out wide and in theaters where they should be enjoyed.

This is a bold new era for myself and the @$$Holes who will be continuing their comic book coverage here on this site for the time being. I also urge you to take a listen to some of the Podcasts that will be going up soon including; SPOILER ALERT comics talk with myself, Rob “Optimous Douche” Patey, and our host JD “Johnny Destructo” Korejko, CANNIBAL HORRORCAST horror podcast with myself, Stephen Andrade, Christian DiBari, and again our host JD, GUTTER TALK comics talk with JD and the Black Tribbles broadcast from JD’s own HERO COMPLEX comics store, SIGHTS & SOUNDS with the Brothers Andrade talking about their favorite Twilight Zone episodes, PART-TIME FANBOY with Kristian Horn talking to comic creators and experts about the medium, Aaron Button’s new READ COMICS Podcast, and more! We will also be posting comic book and film reviews and I’ll be posting my horror reviews throughout the week instead of all on Fridays.

I’ve also set up a Patreon Page to help keep this website rolling. It’s going to be crucial in these early stages that we get some kind of funding to keep the lights on, so if you have extra dough, please support me! Also, if there are any people in need of advertising on MLMILLERWRITES, feel free to contact me here and we can talk turkey!

I had a blast compiling this list and I hope you all enjoy it as well. As always, I encourage readers to sound off in the comments section about how right I am, how wrong I am, or what films you think should be included in the list. October is our month to celebrate horror, so let’s get to it!