Directed by Rory Walsh
Written by Rory Walsh
Starring Kathryn Lynn, Cameron Bender, Haley Mancini
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Though not entirely a horror film, LESSER MIRACLES definitely has the tone that inspires dread and terror. This is a descent into madness movie (a favorite subgenre of mine) which follows one person as they doubt the reality around them with horrific results.

The human mind is such a fragile thing. In LESSER MIRACLES, Riley suffers a life threatening accident. She seems ok, as does her baby who was in the accident with her, but soon afterwards, this brush with death seems to have unlocked something inside of Riley. She starts hearing an ominous voice, predicting deadly accurate events that happen in Riley’s life. Actress Kathryn Lynn who plays Riley is not only beautiful, but does a great job of juggling this complex character who you feel sorry for one moment, then does deplorable acts which inspire anger and frustration in another. Riley is struggling with trauma, but letting those voices in your head that most drown out with reason take control. As her life falls apart around her, the voice grows louder. Director/writer Rory Walsh is patient with this descent. The voices in Riley’s head actually could be there, or she could be crazy as hell. Walsh keeps you guessing through the entire film as Riley’s world teeters on the edge.

As the voices multiply and Riley’s reality continues to slip away, LESSER MIRACLES gets more and more intense. As I said, this isn’t your run of the mill horror film. There are no jump scares. No monsters. No bloody scenes of gore and grue. But it does deal with one of the most common and often the most frightening experiences a person can go through—the slow descent into insanity and LESSER MIRACLES does a magnificent job of illustrating it.